Vegans can eat Tacos too! LOL when you decide to go vegan that doesnt mean you still cant enjoy some of your favorite dishes. Vegan Tacos are filling and will leave even a meat eater satisfied. Ingredients: 1-2 cups of Beans of

  Falafels are very filling and will give you the same feeling as if you were eating a burger but a much healthier substitute. Ingredients: *Falafel Patties* 1 cup of chickpeas 1/4 cup of garbanzo flour 1/3 cup of red or yellow onions 2 garlic clove 2-3 tbs

  Ingredients: (Servings size for 4 small wraps) 2 Fresh Collard Green leafs Hummus 4 Organic Pickles slices 1-2 chopped Organic Tomatoes 3-4 Organic Olives (per wrap) Organic Red Peppers Organic Red Onions or Scallions Optional: Organic Jelepeno Peppers Optional: Organic Banana Peppers Directions: 1.Lay collard green wrap flat + cut off

Of course its has to be a BeAHealthNutToo salad. Hahah. Loaded with tons of nutrients & minerals this salad is quite the tasty treat. Ingredients: *1-2 Cups of fresh spinach *15-20 fresh tomatoes *1-2 fresh chopped up cucumbers *Top with fresh guacamole Directions: 1. Layer plate first

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