*Mint Cacao Shake* Ingredients: 2 Frozen Bananas 1-2 tablespoons of Cacao powder ( add 2 tbs if you really want a rich chocolate taste) 1/2 tablespoons of Cacoa Nibs 5-7 fresh Mint leafs (add 7 if you really want a strong mint taste) 1 cup organic

Talk about a raw dessert that melts in the mouth, Ahhhh this raw cheesecake is amazingggg!! The crazy thing is it doesn't take much prep or time to make. So easy, yet so delightful. Ingredients (3 small slices servings): Crust: * 1 cup

I loved this parfait so pretty,colorful and healthy. Packed with immune boosting antioxidants, fiber , natural sources of vitamin A, C,& E this is a great way to start or end your day. Yum Ingredients: 12-15 fresh blueberries 20 fresh raspberries Coconut yogurt I

Drinking a smoothie right out of a fruit bowl. Yesssss! Hahah so much fun to be creative with food. Ingredients: *Watermelon Bowl *12-15 Frozen pineapple chunks *1 Frozen banana *1 cup Almond milk Directions: 1.Clean your Watermelon out and set aside 2.Place your Pineapples +Bananas inside blender +

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