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*Fruity Joy Salad*

There are so many ways you can make a salad more palatable. Adding fruit plus greens is one way I have found to make salad more exciting and not your typical salad. Fruity Joy salad is yummy and drizzled with a super flavorful dressing.

Ingredients (for salad):
*1-2 cups of fresh organic spinach (depends on how big you want your salad)
*5-6 fresh organic chopped up strawberries
*2 fresh chopped up organic granny smith or fuji apples (feel free to use both)
*6-8 fresh grapes
*2-4 fresh orange slices


Ingredients (for Vinegrette):
*fresh juice from 1 orange
*fresh juice from1/2 a lemon
*2 tbs of agave nectar
*1 tbs braggs apple cider vinegar
*1 tbs olive oil
*1tsp orange +lemon zest
*Optional but recommend: 1/2 tsp cinnamon

1. Mix all your vinegrette ingredients inside bowl + sit aside
2. Place your spinach inside plate first
3. Top with fresh apples + layer strawberries + grapes (or which ever fruit you choose)
4. Pour your vinegrette on top
5. Optional: Top off salad with a sprinkle of cinnamon

I made this two days in a row both days I made the toppings a bit different . Talk about eating the colors of the rainbow this salad is a great way to do that its really good and filling 🙂


Ps. Super excited to share with everyone I have teamed up with celebrity herbalist Djeuty Ma’at-ra from Picture below is a sneak peak of the raw food tutorials that I am filming for his company.I will be traveling to different states speaking and hosting live beauty shows in the california area.Check the events page for details and to stay up to date. Woohooo

Hugs & Happy Fruity Joy
LaShana Nicole

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