When it's hot outside these berry fruit pops are the perfect cool off treat. If you have children these raw popsicles are the perfect way to sneak lots of nutrition into one tasty snack. Your children will loves these berry

Here's another great filling healthy breakfast idea. I love raw puddings they are delicious and loaded with nutrition. If you have children this is a very kid friendly treat. Enjoy! *Peppermint Raw Pudding* Ingredients (all organic) 1 Medium Size Avocado 1 Ripe Banana 2 Tbs

I absolutely love raw sorbets! SO tasty and simple to make. Raw sorbets are the best ice cream alternatives and can be eaten for breakfast or dessert. If you have children they will also love them. Enjoy Lovelies ♡ *Raw Peach

HAPPY 2016 Everyone🎉🎉 I pray your new year is off to a great start. Of course we have to start the new year off right bringing you some tasty new recipes. Pestos are great on crackers, bread, salads, baked potatoes

Cashews taste amazzzziiingggggggg as a milk substitute. Cashews are loaded with B vitamins,irons, potassium, zinc, magnesium, dietary fiber, healthy fats (which can help with lowering cholesterol), and protein. I will also include a link to my almond milk recipe below.

Fresh salad dressings taste better and are usually much healthier than store bought dressings. I love knowing exactly what's going inside my body, and making food from scratch allows me to do just that. *Garlic Herb Infused Dressing* Ingredients: 3 Tbs Balsamic Vinegar 2

This salad is the perfect combo of sweet and spicy flavors. So good and good for you! *Peppered Mango Salad* Ingredients (all organic) Salad: 1 Romaine Lettuce bunch (2 Cups) 3 Kale Leafs Toppings: 2 Fuji Apples 1 Nectarine 1/2 Cup Fresh Mango Spiced Dressing Ingredients: 1 Ripe Red Mango 1 Tbs

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