*Fruit Stack Smoothie* Ingredients: (all organic) 2 Cups Frozen Chunk Melon (Chop up & freeze overnight) 2 Frozen Peaches (Chop up & freeze overnight) 2 Frozen Bananas (Chop up & freeze overnight) 2 Cups Alkaline Water ( Add more if needed) Toppings: Fresh

This salad is the perfect combo of sweet and spicy flavors. So good and good for you! *Peppered Mango Salad* Ingredients (all organic) Salad: 1 Romaine Lettuce bunch (2 Cups) 3 Kale Leafs Toppings: 2 Fuji Apples 1 Nectarine 1/2 Cup Fresh Mango Spiced Dressing Ingredients: 1 Ripe Red Mango 1 Tbs

 Consuming Papaya and the seeds is a great natural way to help cleanse your body from worms and parasites.This smoothie combines both and will help flush the body and get rid of some of the intestinal critters. *Papaya Cleanse Smoothie* (All ingredients

This salsa is just tasty on so many levels. The combo of sweet mango & spicy jelepeno is just bursting with flavor. I will make this every week. This salsa is also rich with nutrition. Perfect snack❤ Mango Salsa Ingredients: (All

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