*American Parfait*

I loved this parfait so pretty,colorful and healthy. Packed with immune boosting antioxidants, fiber , natural sources of vitamin A, C,& E this is a great way to start or end your day. Yum


12-15 fresh blueberries
20 fresh raspberries
Coconut yogurt I used S.O.delicious brand
Granola of choice “I used Bobs Red Mill Brand”
Coconut Shreds
3-4 tablespoons of organic almond milk
4 tbs 100% maple syrup


1. Start off by placing granola at bottom of glass or jar
2. Next place your 10 rasperries inside food processor +1 tbs almond milk +2 tbs maple syrup+ process lightly(muddle the raspberries) this can be done by mashing the raspberries as well
3. Pour the muddled raspberries on top of coconut granola layer
4. Next add another layer of coconut yogurt
5. Place your blueberries inside food processor +1tbs almond milk+2 tbsmaple syrup+ process light or muddle blueberries by mashing down
6. Add the blueberry layer on top
7. Add another layer of granola+ add coconut yogurt on top
8. Take 5-7 more raspberries + muddle + pour on top of last coconut layer
9. Top off with coconut yogurt + coconut shreds + fresh blue berries + raspberries



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Hugs& Happy American Parfait Eating
LaShana Nicole

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