*Stop Showering in Chlorine*

It is very important that we take care of our bodies internally as well as externally. Skin is the largest living organ on the body, it constantly regenerates itself, and it is vital that the skin gets proper care. One great way to take care of your skin would be investing in a shower filter. I really like the brand Rainshowr but there are a ton of options to choose from. When someone takes a hot shower the chlorine is then vaporized and the person inhales which can lead to a ton of health issues. Lets take a look.

Dangers of Chlorine:
1. It is said that only 10minutes in a chlorine shower equals 8.oz of chlorine absorbed into the body
2. High amounts of chlorine over time is linked to higher risk of rectal, bladder, and breast cancers.
3. It also linked to asthma,allergies, and skin rashes.
4. Chlorine is a irritant and is harmful to the eyes, skin and hair
5. Chlorine has been know to cause neurological dysfunction
6. It has been linked to cardiovascular defects
7. Some people have experienced gastrointestinal issues when swallowed
8. Excessive chlorine exposure has also been linked respiratory issues
9. Chlorine strips the natural moisture from your skin, nails, and hair
IMG_5937Benefits of a Shower Filter:
1.RainShow’r water filter removes 90% of the chlorine while you shower
2. Having a shower filter will help your skin to retain its natural moisture allowing you to have softer, younger looking skin
3.Your hair will have a natural shine,feel softer, and will be more manageale due to your hair not being stripped of its natural oils.
4. The shower filter is safe and healthier for children
5. Shower filters help reduce dry skin and scalp
6. If you have color treated hair using a shower filter will also help your color not fade as often

I purchased my rainshow’r from amazon.com and it is super easy to install.

IMG_5941Hugs & Happy Clean Showers 🙂
LaShana Nicole

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