**Raw “BerryNice” Cream**

Talk about a burst of yummy flavors in your mouth. This “BerryNice” Cream will get the job done. “Got a sweet tooth no problem”? “Do you miss eating ice cream no problem”?  “Want some fruit no problem”? Hahah try this delish dessert, it will satisfy your cravings!

Ingredients: (per small serving)

8 frozen chopped strawberries
10 frozen raspberries
8 fresh blueberries
2 fresh sliced strawberries
3-4 tbs of organic almond milk
3 tbs of 100% maple syrup
Optional: 1/2 tsp of hempseeds


1. Place your frozen Strawberries + Raspberries inside food processor or (blender) + add almond milk (start with 3 tbs then add more if you need)
2. Add maple syrup + allow to process until you achieve a thick icecream consistency + pour inside glass or bowl

3. Top with fresh blueberries + strawberries

Bon Appetit


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Hugs & Happy “BerryNice” Cream Eating!
LaShana Nicole

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