**Watermelon Mint Infused Mango Smoothie** What you need: *Top and Bottom layer* 1 frozen mango 1/2 cup water or nut milk Extra cup Blender *Middle layer* 1 Cup Fresh Watermelon 2 mint Leaves 1/2 cup of Ice 1/3 Cup water 3-4 tablespoons of raw agave Directions: Make bottom and top layer first 1. Place Mango

 I cant believe I have yet another very scrumptious smoothie to add to my list of favorites. The ingredients mix together perfect and make such a delicious treat. Lemon Rush is also very filling and loaded with tons of nutrients.

 *Raspberry Joy Smoothie* Servings: Per 1 person What you need: Handfull of frozen Raspberries Handfull of  frozen Strawberries Handfull of frozen Blueberries 1 Frozen Banana 1/2 cup of nut milk or water (I used almond milk) 1-2 tablespoons of natural sweetener optional: Granola Purchase Here and coconut shreds Purchase Here Blender  *Directions* Place all frozen fruits in

When you layer a smoothie it gives a unique flavor. You will actually be able to taste each fruit instead of them all being blended together. I really liked the layering technique and will make more smoothie combos using it.

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