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*Plum Coconut Blueberry Smoothie*

*Plums are such a healthy fruit. One of my absolute favorite’s. They are packed with rich flavor and loaded with vitamins to help restore your body. Plums has been known to help regulate high blood pressure, fight cancer, build your immune system, regulate your bowels (prunes which are dried plums or prune juice), and improve your memory Read Here

*Blueberries are amazing. I add them in so many of my recipes because they are so healthy, they taste great, and the flavor mix well with many other fruits. Blueberries are loaded with antioxidants which help with memory, heart health, cancer, anti-aging etc.More info here

If you can purchase organic fruit as much as possible, especially when you are going to consume the exterior portion of the fruit. Helps to protect against nasty pesticides that are often sprayed on non-organic produce. Learn More Here

You can buy a produce spray which will help with cleaning your produce. Buy Here

*Coconuts are rich in vitamins and fiber. They are so good for you. Why not sneak some into a smoothie. You will get tons of health benefits in just one drink. Read Coconuts benefits Here


*Take two organic plums, slice up and freeze over night (Freeze blueberries over night as well)

*Place the Frozen plums and frozen blueberries in blender.

*Add 4 tablespoons of your favorite sweetner

* Depending on desired texture add 1cup or 1/2 cup of a nut milk

* Pour in some Flax seed, Chia Seeds or Hemp Seed for extra nutrition Purchase Here

* When blend is complete pour in glass and top with Coconut Shreds

Thats it 4 simple ingredients, here is another fun treat to add to the list “Woot”. I truly am addicted to making smoothies if you cant tell hehehe 🙂

Change your diet > Change your life
Shana Nicole

Hello Lovelies❤ I’m LaShana Nicole Founder of BeAHealthNutToo® a holistic health and wellness brand. BeAHealthNutToo promotes holistic living, and encourages everyone to take care of their bodies physically,mentally,and spiritually. Since starting this company in April of 2013 I have been blessed to travel the world and share my experience with all of you. BeAHealthNutToo is becoming a one stop shop for all of your health and wellness needs. I am so grateful for this journey and I want to thank each of you for your support. Read More

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