**Fresh Homemade Lemonade**

 I love lemons and  wanted to make some lemonade, there are several methods of making it. I decided to use my juicer to make the lemonade, the juicer will give a richer color. You can also squeeze the lemons by hand, grind the juice out using a lemon squeezer Purchase Here, or a citrus juicer. The method is totally up to you.

*How to make*

Wash your lemons ( to make a Pitcher full use 6-8 small lemons)

Cut lemons in half and place in juicer. (It will look as if much juice i’snt coming out feel free to first add 2 apples then the lemons to get the juice following this will also help with not adding as much sugar. The apples are already sweet)

I used a strainer to help catch the pulp. I am not a big fan of pulp.

If you use apples you wont need to really add a lot of water. However if you did not use apples you will need to dilute your lemon juice because it will have a super strong tangy taste. This is how it looks just pure lemon juice no water or apples added.

I decided to make a pitcher so I added water as well as 4 table spoons of maple syrup and 4 table spoons of agave nectar to mine  then you will mix the ingredients. Remember make to taste if your lemonade is still to strong add more water and add sweetener until you have the taste you desire. If you used 6 lemons add 4 cups of water, if you used 8 lemons add 5-6 cups of water. (Add more if you need) Some people use simple syrup to sweeten as well.

Once diluted to taste you can put strawberries, mint leaves, lemon slices, raspberries etc. Allow to chill for a few hours, add some ice if you like and enjoy your homemade lemonade. Yummo!

Note: Another way to spice you fresh lemonade up is to add a pinch or half a teaspoon of cayenne pepper to a glass. This gives a spicy nice flavor and is a natural detox for you body.

LaShana Nicole,


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