**Layered Smoothie Joy**

 Layering smoothies are so much fun lol. It makes them look so pretty and you can really taste the flavor of each layer. The layered smoothie joy was a great combo of fruits and veggies. Such a  healthy delight all in one drink! Yum.

What you need:
Per 1 serving

*Top  & Bottom Layer*
8-10 frozen raspberries

7-10 frozen strawberries

*Middle Layer*
1-2 frozen pears

1-2 frozen kiwis (remove the skin)

Hand full of fresh spinach
Optional: Coconut shreds + Mint leaf

Note: You will need a extra glass to store the top layer

1. Place your frozen raspberries and strawberries inside of blender and blend with nut milk or water
2. Pour almost all into mason jar as the bottom layer (Save 1/4 of mixture to pour on top)
3. Rinse blender and add your pear, kiwi, and spinach +nutmilk or water + 1tablespoon of raw agave or 100% maple syrup & Blend
4. Pour middle green layer on top of base/bottom pink colored layer
5. Immediately pour your extra 1/4 mixture of the raspberries & strawberries on top. Then sprinkle coconut shreds + a mint leaf

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