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**Lemon Rush**

 I cant believe I have yet another very scrumptious smoothie to add to my list of favorites. The ingredients mix together perfect and make such a delicious treat. Lemon Rush is also very filling and loaded with tons of nutrients. I will list some of the benefits of the ingredients at the end. Lets Get You Started WOOHOOO!!

**Ingredients (Per 1 Serving):
1 frozen Mango
1 + 1/2 frozen banana
3-4 fresh squeezed lemons (Lemon juice)
1/4 cup of almond milk (You can use water or a different nut milk)
1 table spoon of sweetener (I used raw agave)
Hand full of dried cranberries
1 can of coconut milk
Optional: Blend some of the dried cranberries inside smoothie

1. Add lemon juice first to bottom of blender

2. Add your Mangos + Banana

3. Next add your liquid of choice + sweetener (plus cranberries if you choose to add)

4. Blend until you have a nice even smooth texture

5. Pour in glass and top with coconut cream and cranberries. Eat up! Its super delish 🙂

Lemons- Loaded with vitamin C lemons are amazing for your skin and help to get rid of acne, they help restore the ph balance in the body, boost immune system, and lemons help detoxify the body and rid the body of nasty toxins & intestinal parasites.

Mangos-  Rich in minerals such as zinc, copper, and maganese, mangos are so healthy for you. They contain carotenoids, vitamin A&C, citric acid, fiber  and many more nutrients. Mangos help fight off illness including cancer. Mangos are amazing for helping to provide healthy skin, a alkaline body, and the fiber helps with digestion and elimination.

Bananas- High in fiber, antioxidants,potassium, and iron its safe to safe that banana’s should definitely be apart of your daily diet. Banana’s help with the removal of heavy toxins from the body, digestion, cramping, and fighting off illness.

Here is the blog for making Coco Whip Cream Click Here

Happy Smoothie Making!

LaShana Nicole

Hello Lovelies❤ I’m LaShana Nicole Founder of BeAHealthNutToo® a holistic health and wellness brand. BeAHealthNutToo promotes holistic living, and encourages everyone to take care of their bodies physically,mentally,and spiritually. Since starting this company in April of 2013 I have been blessed to travel the world and share my experience with all of you. BeAHealthNutToo is becoming a one stop shop for all of your health and wellness needs. I am so grateful for this journey and I want to thank each of you for your support. Read More

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    January 30, 2014

    I LOVE YOUR BLOG! I cannot wait to try this!

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