Vegan rice crispy treats are not only simple to make but are the perfect sweet snack! This recipe will have your taste buds jumping for joy because these rice crispy treats are insanely delicious!! Enjoy friends♡ *Vegan Rice Crispy Treats* Ingredients: 1/4 Cup

Peanut butter is high in protein, a great source of potassium, contains healthy fats, a fiber rich food, and taste amazing! Its versatile and can be eaten with apples, celery, crackers, or made into delicious treats! These peanut butter cookies

This raw coconut chocolate mousse is delicious and is loaded with potassium, vitamin E,K,C, fiber and more! Eating healthy becomes a much easier process when you learn what to eat. I pray that Be A Health Nut Too makes your

These chocolate covered strawberries made from scratch are absolutely delicious! If you have a sweet tooth, these little bites will satisfy your craving. They are SO simple to make, healthy, and tasty! *Chocolate Strawberries* Serving size: 18 Strawberries  Ingredients: 4 Tbs Raw Cacao

Kamut is an ancient whole grain that is not only tasty but is loaded with fiber, magnesium, manganese, protein, zinc, and B Vitamins! This porridge is filling and the perfect way to start your day. Enjoy friends! *Kamut Porridge* Ingredients: 1 Cup Kamut

If you have a sweet tooth, this melon sorbet will absolutely satisfy your cravings. No more buying  sorbet from the store. You literally can make this simple recipe and you won't have to worry about a ton of preservatives. Fresh

 I am SUPER excited I FINALLY mastered a vegan french toast recipe!!! YUMMY! I use to loveeee french toast but once I made the decision to stop consuming dairy I had to tell one of my favorite foods goodbye. I'm

Who doesn't love warm, filling, delicious, porridge made from scratch in the morning. No more buying boxed processed sugar-filled oats. Here's a easy tasty recipe for your morning oats. Enjoy Lovelies❤ *Apple Spiced Porridge* Ingredients: 1 Cup Sprouted Oats ( Find at whole-foods

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