The Sweet Tart smoothie is the perfect combination of sweet & tart. Yummy. Loaded with vitamin a,b,c, potassium & calcium and tons of great nutrients to help boost and keep your immune system strong. *Sweet Tart Smoothie* Ingredients: 15-18 frozen pineapple chunks (add

*Mint Cacao Shake* Ingredients: 2 Frozen Bananas 1-2 tablespoons of Cacao powder ( add 2 tbs if you really want a rich chocolate taste) 1/2 tablespoons of Cacoa Nibs 5-7 fresh Mint leafs (add 7 if you really want a strong mint taste) 1 cup organic

Drinking a smoothie right out of a fruit bowl. Yesssss! Hahah so much fun to be creative with food. Ingredients: *Watermelon Bowl *12-15 Frozen pineapple chunks *1 Frozen banana *1 cup Almond milk Directions: 1.Clean your Watermelon out and set aside 2.Place your Pineapples +Bananas inside blender +

 **Strawberry Madness Smoothie** What you need: Per 1 Serving Bottom Layer: 1 frozen banana 2-3 frozen apricots Top Layer: 5-10 frozen strawberries 5-7 frozen raspberries Hand full of pomegranate seeds Tablespoon of Granola 1/2 cup of alkaline/distilled water or nutmilk (I used water) Optional:2 tablespoons of sweetener Blender Directions: 1. Place Bottom Layer fruits in

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