*Sweet Tart Smoothie*

The Sweet Tart smoothie is the perfect combination of sweet & tart. Yummy. Loaded with vitamin a,b,c, potassium & calcium and tons of great nutrients to help boost and keep your immune system strong.

*Sweet Tart Smoothie*

15-18 frozen pineapple chunks (add 18 if your prefer a really sweet “sweet tart”)
1/2 of a fresh or frozen cucumber
1/2 juice from fresh lime
1/3-1/2 cup water (add more liquid to achive the thick smoothie texture)
3 tbs 100% maple syrup or agave nectar
Optional: Fresh kiwi & cucumber

1. Place pinapples + cucumber + lime juice + liquid + sweetener inside blender
2. Blend all ingredients until you achieve a smoothie texture+ pour inside glass
3. Add fresh kiwi inside glass + press to make kiwi stick + top with fresh cucumber


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Hugs & Happy Sweet Tart Drinking
LaShana Nicole

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