*Shine From Within Juice* Ingredients (all organic) 4 Carrots 4 Fuji Apples 4 Naval Oranges (Optional: Remove Skin) Directions: 1. Rinse and clean your fruits/veggies (soak in half apple cider vinegar + half water to clean) 2. Once clean start juicing 3. Juice 2 apples

Flush your body, detox your blood, help to clear your skin, promote cell development, boost your immune system and get essential vitamins and minerals all from a glass of fresh juice. *Carrot Glowing Juice* Ingredients (all organic) 5 Fuji or Gala Apples

*Tangy Tango Smoothie Recipe* Ingredients (all organic) 4-5 Frozen Bananas 1 Frozen Whole Pineapple (Chucks) 1 Fresh Mango 1-2 Tbs of Chia Seeds 1 Cup Water (add more if needed) Toppings: Fresh Pomegranate seeds + fresh mango + fresh kiwi Directions: 1. Place all of your ingredients inside the

*Green Burst Smoothie* Ingredients: 1-2 Cups of Fresh Spinach 3 Frozen Bananas 20 Frozen Raspberries 1 Cup of Alkaline Water (add more if needed) 1 Tbs Hemp Seeds Optional: 1 Tbs Raw Agave Nectar Toppings: Goji Berries + Fresh Kiwis Directions: 1. Place your Ingredients inside of a highspeed  blender

*Broccoli Beauty Juice* Ingredients: (All Organic) 2 Broccoli Stems 2 Cucumber 1 Piece of Tumeric 5-6 Gala Apples Directions: 1. Rinse and clean all of your produce + start juicing 2. Juice 2 Apples + add 2 broccoli + 1 apple + tumeric + add 2 cucumbers +

Turmeric has amazing health benefits. It has natural antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic properties, helps to detoxify the liver, and helps to fight different types of cancer. Turmeric also is known to help with healing wounds, and is great for the