*Raw Chocolate Pudding*

 I named this pudding “Chocolate Joy” because it was so filling and absolutely yummilicious. I at times have such a big sweet tooth and I don’t want to eat unhealthy treats, so I make myself play in the kitchen and create delicious healthy desserts. This pudding has such a rich flavor it will absolutely satisfy any sweet craving and guess what its is super simple to make woohooo.


What you need:

*3 tablespoons of Raw Cacao Powder* (Its a super rich chocolate flavor so I would start with a few tablespoons than add more to taste) Purchase Here
Unlike regular chocolate, cacao powder which is derived from the cacao bean is actually healthy to eat. It provides antioxidants which help prevent  the effects of free radicals. Cacao powder is loaded with minerals and nutrients including iron,fiber,zinc,magnesium which helps promote calmness. Why not indulge in this all natural chocolate goodness it does a body good. Learn more here

*1 full avocado* (remove seed)
Avocados provide so many great health benefits including eye health, heart health, they help protect against breast and prostate cancer, anti-aging , better digestion, and blood pressure regulation. Avocados contain potassium,folic acid, Vitamin B6, Vitamin E and enzymes. More info here

*1 &1/2 banana* (I added extra banana for added natural sweetness)

*1 teaspoon of vanilla extract*

*2 tablespoons of 100%maple syrup or organic agave nectar* I used both

*1/2 cup of water (I actually used a little less but you can add as much liquid as you want I wanted a thicker consistency so I added less liquid)

Place all powders and liquid in the blender

Blend on a lower speed first then blend on higher speeds if needed

Taste for flavor add more sweetener or water if you need
Once you achieve desired texture place in bowl and allow to chill for 30minutes to a hour

When you are ready to consume take out and top with your favorite fruit. I used banana’s, blueberries, and coconut shreds.

This was so yummy now you can experience why I named this *Chocolate Joy*. Note: Feel free to add cinnamon or a squeeze of lemon juice or orange juice for different flavors. Happy Pudding making!

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Heart you all,
LaShana Nicole

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