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*Pea Mock Meat Tacos*

I’ve had such a hard time finding meat substitutes that I actually like. Most of the fake mock meats that I’ve tried taste like pure rubber hahaa, so I was SUPER excited to find one that I actually enjoy. The great thing about this “mock” meat is it’s made from peas and doesn’t contain any soy, it’s gluten free, and is a plant based protein. It’s a great substitute for those of you who are looking to stay away from soy but still want a meat alternative. I made these veggie tacos a few nights in a roll because they taste so yummy! 

Ingredients: Servings (5-6 small tacos)
1 Cup of Beyond Beef (Use more if you want to make lots of tacos)
1 Tbs Olive Oil (Use more if needed)
Dash of Onion Powder (Add more to taste if needed)
Dash of  Cayenne Powder (Add more to taste if needed)
Dash of  Himalayan Pink Sea Salt (Add more to taste if needed)
Dash of  Pepper (Add more to taste if needed)
5-6 Organic Gluten Free Corn Tortillas
Toppings:Salsa,Tomatoes,Lettuce, Pickled Jalapeños, Avocado

IMG_1104 Directions:
1. Place your olive oil in the pan +add your beyond beef+allow to warm for 7mins on med/low heat
2. While warming your mock meat add 1+1/2 Tbs olive oil to another pan + preheat on med heat
3. Place your tortillas inside oil + flip on each side + fold
4. Allow to cook until you achieve your outer shell texture preference (for more crisp add less oil)
5. Once your shells are complete place your beyond beef + toppings of choice inside + ENJOY

IMG_1127Thanks so much for checking out this recipe. I hope you love these tacos. Comment below and let me know your thoughts! Don’t forget to share the website with your friends and family♡


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Hugs & Happy Veggie Taco Eating,
LaShana Nicole❤

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