Are You Constipated? The Importance of daily bowel movements

Constipation is very common and many people struggle with not eliminating on a regular basis. It is said that the average american is constipated, and before I started eating healthy I was in this category of people. I had a really hard time digesting foods, and because of this I would go 3-4 days without having a bowel movement. I know “TMI” but I want to be transparent and honest with all of you. When I say eating healthy works I say it because I am truly speaking from personal experience. It is not normal or healthy to go 3-5 days without having a bowel movement. You should have bowel movements at least once or twice each day. To have healthy bowel movements you must focus on the health of your colon. When you start consuming foods in their raw state, eating fiber rich foods, and drinking lots of water, you will notice a DRASTIC difference in the way your stool looks, smells, and how often you go. YES i’m going to recommend that you look in the toilet and evaluate what’s coming out of you, because it is a direct reflection of your health. 

Why Are Bowel Movements Important:

Bowel movements are important because it’s your bodies natural way of eliminating toxic waste.  Bowel movements occur when your body takes the nutrients from food and it then eliminates the rest. When you are not properly eliminating, this causes your intestines, blood, and organs to become clogged and dirty. Waste products ,toxins, and harmful bacteria will accumulate, flourish, and your body will begin to reabsorb the toxins which which weakens your immune system.You want to make sure you are eliminating the toxic waste on a daily basis. 

What is your POOP telling you

What is bile- A yellow green fluid that digest fats in stool. Changes poop from green to brown when it passes through the gastro intestinal tract it is altered by enzymes which changes the color from green to brown. To increase bile production consume celery, artichokes,  and radish.

BROWN– Normal mostly all shades of brown means you have nothing to worry about

GREEN- Normal especially when eating lots of green veggies this often occurs when the poop passes through the intestines to fast and it has no time to turn brown, so it comes out green. Iron supplements can also sometimes cause this.

Dark Black or Tarry Texture- This is a possible sign of dried blood of blood in the upper intestinal tract, ulcer, or potentially cancer. Should be concerned and look further into whats causing the possible bleeding.

Bright Red- Usually caused by bleeding in the lower intestinal track, cancer, a bleeding ulcer, or hemorrhoids. Check with health care provider immediately when you have blood in your stool. 
(Note: Beets will turn stool red)

Mucus poop- A small amount is nothing to be concerned about the intestines make mucus to keep your walls lubricated. If you are producing a lot of mucus and blood you should be concerned and look into whats causing the mucus or blood. Some people with Crohns disease may see mucus or puss.

Foul Smelling, Greasy Yellow- Lack of bile in stool (due to medications), and diet (meat, cheese, animal products usually have a really rotten smell)

Gray Clay Like- Sign of liver, pancreas issue

Bloody stool- Rectum bleeding, lower or upper intestinal bleeding. Should be checked.

Stool Types:

Constipation: If your stool is hard lumps, dry, or nut shapes (sausage shape with lumps), and you have to strain this indicates constipation

Sausage and smooth or sausage with light cracks on surface is a good sign of healthy digestion

This is often caused by the food your consuming (meat/dairy products), medication, and sometimes bacteria 

Getting Rid of constipation:
1. Lemon juice + warm water (stimulates digestion)
2. Aloe vera juice 
3. Eat more fiber rich foods and take fiber daily (consume lots of green leafy veggies, beans, lentils, raw foods)
4. Stay hydrated (drink lots of caffeine free liquids preferably water)
5. Fast (Go on a juice/water fast) this helps give your digestive system a break
6. Consume healthy fats (coconut oil, avocado, pumpkin seeds, olive oil)
7. Colon Hydrotherapy (a method of using water to flush out old toxic watse)
8. Colon cleansing dietary supplements (plant based herbs used to cleanse colon naturally)


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