*DO YOU PREFER THE TASTE OF JUICE, SODA OR ANYTHING OVER WATER? Yup that was me all day haha, I use to love me some juice. I would drink a cup of water here and there, but it wasn’t a part of my daily routine.

Many health problems could be eliminated if we were flushing our system’s and drinking more water. OUR BODIES NEED WATER, they are made up of 60-70% water. You can’t go months even weeks without consuming water, you would literally die. Yes there are many foods which contain water (watermelon, and many fruits and veggies) which is why if you are not drinking water daily you are still able to survive. The rule of thumb is you should drink half your body weight per day in ounce’s of water. So if you weigh 120lbs then its recommended that you drink 60 oz of water, or if you are 200lbs then the recommended amount would be 100oz. You may say OMG that’s a lot of water lol, yes it is but it can be done. Start your day with water, and carry water with you to work, the gym, on a outing etc(what ever you have to do drink water like it is going of out style)LOL.

There are many great benefits to drinking water. Water can help clear your skin,regulate your bowels, help you maintain a healthy weight, help rid your body of nasty bacteria, boost your immune system which can help with fighting off disease and so much more. READ HERE for more benefits of drinking water. CLICK HERE

Here is a great book that will explain how many people believe they are sick, when they are really dehydrated and just need more water. This book tells you in detail the ins and outs of how water can purify the system, and help rid your bodies of many illnesses. MUST READ “YOUR BODY MANY CRIES FOR WATER”  CLICK HERE TO ORDER 

OK so I had to do something, I had to make a decision to STOP drinking (soda & juice), both are loaded with tons of sugar (high fructose corn syrup) and unnatural flavors which are bad for you, and will help with the bodies storing of fat/weight gain. ANY THING THAT YOU READ THAT SAYS CONTAINS *HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP* RUN THE OTHER WAY) that stuff is soo bad for you. CLICK HERE to read more on how dangerous and terrible high fructose is for you. READ INGREDIENTS before you buy stuff. So important to know what you are putting in your body. (Even when it says its all natural that doesn’t mean its truly all natural & pure so READ YOUR LABELS). I came across fruit infused waters a while back, but of course I still wanted my juice, lol so I completely ignored anything trying to force me to drink water. When I made the decision to change up my diet I obviously was going to have to drink more water. SO I SAID *Bye* to all of my unnatural/unhealthy sweet juices. I ordered some mason jars (which are super helpful to store and keep food fresh they are pictured below) CLICK HERE TO ORDER MASON JARS and I went to the store and picked up some fruit to place in my water.

After making the fruit infused water for the first time they didn’t taste bad, the water was actually good, had flavor and was super healthy for me. SCORE, haha I was definitely missing out.I decided to start incorporating fruit infused waters into my weekly routine. I also drink plain water as well but when I feel like having flavored water this is my go to secret. Learn more here


What you need:
*Fruit of many flavors (strawberries, grapes, oranges, plums, grapefruits, cherries etc), you can mix veggies in there as well  its truly up to you.
*Mason Jars
*Water (I suggest filtered alkaline water)read here 

*Last you will need 1 table spoons of 100% Maple syrup or a sweetener for those who prefer a sweeter taste.

1. 1st recipe* I used a mixture of Lemon, Lime, and Grapefruit in my first mix (I cut them up and I like to squeeze the juice from the fruit inside the mason jar before adding the water. This adds extra flavor.

2. 2nd recipe* I used a mixture of Pineapples, strawberries, and lemons. (Again squeeze the fruit to extract more flavor)

3. 3rd recipe I used was strawberries, grapefruit, limes. (Remember its flavored water so don’t expect it to be super sweet. To add sweetness feel free to add your favorite sweetener 100% maple syrup, 100% organic cane sugar, 100% raw honey, or 100% raw agave nectar) You can find all items via a health food store’s or online (wholefoods, trader-joes, sprouts, amazon, vitacost etc)

4. 4th recipe oranges, limes, lemons,kiwi, blueberries, cucumbers. This one had a great tangy kick you could really taste the oranges and cucumbers which I really enjoyed.

5. 5th recipe Kiwi+Raspberries+Lemons

6. Strawberries+Lemons+Raspberries

7. Cucumbers+Oranges+Raspberries

There are a ton of fruit you can use. You can also add herbs such as fresh mint leaves, basil, parley etc. Have some fun and see what makes your taste buds jump for joy.

***After you make, let the water sit for at least 4 hours or even over night in refrigerator to really get intense flavor inside, you can also add ice when you are ready to consume. I would recommend drinking the infused fruit water withing 48 hours. Its also ok to refill when you finish just replace with fresh fruit after the 48 hour period.

Heart you all,
Shana Nicole


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