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*BREAKFAST* Whats that?

The saying “BREAKFAST IS THE MOST IMPORTANT MEAL OF THE DAY” is very true. I learned the hard way. I use to skip breakfast all the time because I was in a rush,  I wanted to push snooze for 30 more minutes, (I know you guys can relate, best sleep ever is while pushing snooze hahaha), and I did not like to cook so “ya” breakfast was a “no go” for me. By lunch time I had absolutely no energy because I had nothing in my system to fuel me. I didn’t feel like working, I was a lil more irritable, and all I could think about was my growling stomach. Then I would rush and go pickup some sort of fast food for lunch which made me full but it was not nutritious at all. By the end of the day I literally wanted to climb in bed, and not do anything. My body was not getting proper nutrients. This was taking a toll on me and I could feel it. I decided to try the whole “eating breakfast” every day for a month and see if it really helped. I made myself wake early so I could make sure I did not skip this meal. It was a struggle at first because I was never hungry first thing in the morning. I guess I had trained my body that it wasn’t eating until mid day lol.

To my surprised eating BREAKFAST helped. Now as soon as I wake up within 15 minutes my stomach alerts me to feed it. This happens no matter what time I wake. I need breakfast now daily, its not an option. Yes at times if I have to wake at 6:00 am I will wake at 5:00am to eat. It takes discipline, but its so worth it. I feel so much better and have tons of energy “maybe to much” haha,  but it allows me to get things done. We must do better to take care of the only body we have been blessed with. When something goes wrong you cant just go swap body parts, so start today taking care of the one you have. Start with eating breakfast. If you are in a rush then at least eat some fruit. EAT SOMETHING and not a donut, candy, or cookies and think thats going to get you through the day “ITS NOT” LOL. You need some good food that will help give you more energy,  help control your blood sugar levels and will help you concentrate. CLICK HERE for more reasons to eat breakfast. YOUR BODY WILL THANK YOU PROMISE 😉

You can’t go wrong with a plate of delicious fruit. Your body will jump for joy. You wont need a mid-day cup of coffee or terrible energy drink. Super Foods will give you all the energy you need. Try it You wont be disappointed.

Gluten Free Pancakes- CLICK HERE  for  recipe on how to make the pancakes from scratch. Or you can pick some up from a healthfood store. This will help if you prefer something more filling than fruit. This will help keep you going until its time to eat lunch.

Hope you guys are having a blast trying new meals and enjoying one of the best decisions you will make in life. “TAKE CARE OF YOUR BODY”

Love yall, Happy Health
Shana Nicole


Hello Lovelies❤ I’m LaShana Nicole Founder of BeAHealthNutToo® a holistic health and wellness brand. BeAHealthNutToo promotes holistic living, and encourages everyone to take care of their bodies physically,mentally,and spiritually. Since starting this company in April of 2013 I have been blessed to travel the world and share my experience with all of you. BeAHealthNutToo is becoming a one stop shop for all of your health and wellness needs. I am so grateful for this journey and I want to thank each of you for your support. Read More

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