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There will come a time in every woman’s life where she will experience a menstrual cycle which last from any where to 3-7 days. A menstrual cycle occurs each month when there is no fertilized egg and the uterus sheds its lining Click Here. This happens at different times for each woman. Some women start their cycle between 10-12 years of age and some start a little later around 16-18 years of age. During the menstrual cycle or some call it a menstrual period many women experience dysmenorrhea also know as menstrual cramps/pains Read More Here.

I know all my ladies who have experienced uterine cramping can relate to me BIG TIME when I say menstrual cramping is no fun. They hurt so bad and I am not a fan of pain. I have experienced some severe menstrual cramping so bad to the point where it made me vomit, and I could barely move ouchyyyyy “it hurts” tearface :'(. I told my mom jokingly that if having a baby feels worst than my cramps I am in for a rude awakening when that time comes “HELP” lol of course her response was “Yes you are” Hahaa.

Due to me not wanting to put unnatural medicine into my body such as ibuprofen, I had to find something to deal with the sometime’s unbearable cramps I would often experience. A close friend of mine recommended I try a natural pain reliever called “wild yam” at this point I was so over not being able to enjoy myself the first couple days of my cycle, so I was willing to give it a try and see if it would help. I took it a few days before my menstrual cycle begin and during as well. What do you know ” IT WORKED” Learn More Here. I can now function and go about my day without having to take 3-4 hours to just lay down and wait for the pain to go away. WOOHOOO!!! If you are looking for a all natural remedy try wild yam.It also helps with breast tenderness and PMS. Purchase capsules Here
Time to say Bye Bye to your painful Cramps
Here are a few more suggestions to relieve help alleviate pain:
*Be sure to get adequate rest
*Try acupuncture
*Place light pressure on your lower abdominal area for 5-10 seconds
*Massage the area with gentle pressure
*Do light work outs like a quick jog or yoga etc (if you can)
*Eat lots of fruits and veggies especially banana’s, apricots, kale etc the potassium in those foods helps reduce cramping
*Drink water
*Place heating pad or warm towel on the area where you feel pain
*Lay on your side and curl your legs up as if you are curling into a ball
*Take a hot bath
*Try to reduce the amount of stress in your life
These methods will all help reduce the pain associated with the monthly cycle.

Ps.Just a heads up the liquid formula is GROSS ewww but it will get the job done and in my opinion works quicker Buy Liquid formula Here. Wild yam is also available in capsule form as well which is what I linked above. I take both and just swallow the liquid super quick and drink a smoothie after.

Quick Note: I have been getting many emails and awesome feedback about the blog. Thank you all for the support & encouraging words it means so much. I’m thankful I am encouraging so many people to try a different approach to health. Stay encouraged my healthnuts! Hugs 😉

LaShana Nicole,
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