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*Lettuce Hydration Smoothie*

Romaine lettuce contains about 17% protein including all 9 essential amino acids, it also contains a high amount of calcium, very high water content, Vitamin A, Vitamin K, Vitamin C, Iron, B vitamins, fiber, and it contains Omega 3s. Consuming lettuce will provide many great benefits for the eyes, bones, heart, weightloss, digestive health, and immune health.

*Lettuce Hydration Smoothie*
Ingredients (All organic)

1 Lettuce Head 
6-8 Fresh Strawberries
1 Frozen Mango
2 Frozen Bananas
2 Cups of Almond Milk
1 Tsp Hemp Seeds
Toppings: Fresh Kiwi + Strawberries


1. Freeze your mangos + bananas over night 

2. Rinse & clean your lettuce + strawberries + place all ingredients inside high speed blender
IMG_14723. Blend until smooth + pour inside of your cup + top with fresh fruit yummies

Hydration SmoothieThanks so much for checking out this recipe. If you found this blog helpful be sure to share it with friends and family♡


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Hugs & Happy Hydration Smoothie Drinking
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