*Fruit Cup*

 So at times I have a craving for sweets and I needed to find something that would be fulfilling and satisfy my sweet tooth. Making a fruit cup is a perfect way to eat good sweets that’s actually good for the body.
What you need:
Per 1 Serving
5-6 Grapes
1 Sliced Kiwis
Hand full of Pomegranate seeds
4-5 Sliced Strawberries
8-10 fresh blueberries
4-6 fresh raspberries
Optional: Thai coconut milk for coconut cream topping
Optional: Raw Cocao Nibs


If you choose to use Thai coconut milk to make all natural coco cream let it sit in refrigerator over night. In the morning don’t shake just scoop the top white thicker layer off into a bowl and leave the liquid. Then you can whisk for 5-10 minutes, add a tiny bit 1teaspoon of powdered sugar to sweeten. I let mine chill in freezer for a additional 5 minutes. When you have the desired texture for the cream you can scoop on top of fruit and add cocao nibs. Full Blog on Coco Cream Click Here

1.Slice all fruit of choice up. Feel free to add pineapples, oranges, bananas etc. Its totally up to you.
2. Add to your favorite dish or cup
3. Place coconut cream on top and cocoa nibs and enjoy this lovely sweet snack. Super simple, easy, and so healthy!

Shana Nicole,


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