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*Blueberry Layered Sorbet*

Great thing about eating healthy you can have dessert for breakyyyy> (breakfast) hahah. This was a perfect way to start my day and provided me with energy, natural sources of vitamin c, and antioxidants. I love putting great foods inside my body.

*Blueberry Layered Pineapple Sorbet*
Bottom Layer:
8-10 frozen organic pineapple chunks
7-8 frozen organic blueberries
3-5 tbs organic almond milk (start with less liquid and work your way up to maintain sorbet consistency)
optional: 1-2 tbs raw agave nectar
Top Layer:
10-12 chunks frozen organic pinapple chunks
3-4 tbs organic almond milk (start with less liquid and work your way up to maintain sorbet consistency)
optional: 1 tbs raw agave nectar
Fresh or frozen blueberries
Fresh pomegranate seeds
1. Place your bottom layer inside food processor first + blend/process until you have a thick sorbet consistency
2. Pour bottom layer inside glass +place inside refridgerator  to keep cold while you make top layer
3. Rinse food processor + add pineapples + additional ingredients for top layer + blend/process
4. Take bottom layer out of refrigerator+ place pomegranate seeds on top of bottom layer
5. Pour pineapple top layer on top of pomegranate seeds + top with fresh or frozen blueberries + fresh pomegranate seeds
Bon Appetit

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Hugs&Happy Dessert
LaShana Nicole


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