*Are your emotions controlling you*


If we are not mindful and cautious of those darn fickle emotions, and feelings they will run our lives. People often make temporary decisions that have long term consequences all because they “felt” like it, now they are faced with a regret. We all have emotions and have experienced those times where we made a decision and then a day later, a week later, or even a month later we had the” Man why did I do this or that?” or the “I shoulda, coulda, woulda etc?”.


I have learned and am still learning daily to watch my thoughts, feelings, and emotions because they can change like a light switch if im not mindful. One minute you feel cheerful, the next minute annoyed, the next minute lonely and on and on. Your emotions are not always the “truth” they are temporary feelings that change often when a conversation, situation, or circumstance change etc. We have to learn how to manage our emotions and become more stable. This is a process and it takes becoming aware, and paying attention through out the day of how you’re feeling. Usually when we feel mad it is due to us “thinking” about things that make us upset”, or if we feel worried it is due to us “thinking” about issues that we can’t figure out or a situation that we feel we have no control of. (Proverbs 23:7 as a man thinketh in his heart so is he) That scripture tells us that what we think, is what we will become. It is crucial to “WATCH” those thoughts that can lead to out of control emotions, behaviors, and negative consequences. We have to gain control, and do what is right even if we feel like doing what’s wrong.

Below is the  status that I posted on facebook a week or so ago and felt the need to share it.
“Your emotions will try to control you. Your emotions will try to tell you to re-open the door GOD told you to close. Your emotions will tell you to go off on the person that is on your last nerve. Your emotions will have you speaking words that you later wish you could take back. Your emotions will have you making temporary decisions that may have everlasting negative effects. > We must learn to check & control our emotions. We must learn to allow GOD to lead even when we really really want to do something that we know GOD told us not to do. Follow GOD > NOT THOSE EMOTIONS”

Remember emotions are very real and are often the reason people make really bad decisions that they later regret. Starting this very moment pay attention to how you are feeling and remember always “THINK BEFORE YOU ACT”.


1. I feel upset,sad, angry, & depressed etc
Immedietely ask yourself what am I thinking about at this current moment? Also start to think of everything you are thankful for and speak it out loud “I am thankful for my home, career, income, husband, wife, family etc). The more you think on the positive the negative will go away.

2. I woke up and just dont feel that great today
Immedietely speak life that you are going to have a great day and amazing doors of favor will open for you on this day, you have total control over this day. Be thankful that you have another day on earth.

3. A person close to you or a co-worker etc is getting on your nerves
Tell your self that just as you need people to have patience with you at times you will give the same thing that you often need. Practice forgiving other’s and being patient with those you are around.

4.Throughout the day your emotions are very up and down
Remember that controlling your emotions is a process and praise yourself for becoming more and more aware of your feelings and not allowing them to control you. Think Happy Thoughts

5. Pay attention to what you are watching and listening to.
If you are around negative people, you are watching drama filled reality tv, you are listening to negative music etc it will affect you. You will notice your mood, your behaviors, your speech may begin to change when you come into contact with different people, music etc. Guard your heart and your life. Any toxic people, music, tv shows etc that is causing you discomfort pray and seek for ways to get rid of it/them.

Thanks for reading,
Hugs & Happy Taking Control of Fickle Emotions
LaShana Nicole

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    March 30, 2014

    Geesh….it was like this blog was talking directly to me!!!!! LOL Thanks, I just started following you on IG and you as so beautiful and inspiring. I look forward to reading more of your blogs and trying some of these healthy treats you have. I just ordered me a smoothie mug and bag….can’t wait for them to arrive :-).

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