*Raw Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream*


Mint chocolate chip icecream has always been one of my favorite flavors of icecream. Of course once I cut dairy out of my diet this meant my favorite ice cream had to go bye bye also 🙁 hahah but not for long this raw version is an amazing substitute. Yes I am excited and may eat mint chocolate chip icecream daily for about a month. Ok im kidding, but I love that I can have something so similar to one of my most favorite flavor’s of icecream and its raw woohoooo 🙂

2 Frozen banana’s
6-8 Fresh spinach leafs
1-2 small drops of peppermint extract
3-5 fresh mint leafs (depends on how much mint flavor you prefer)
1 Tbs 100% maple syrup
1-2 Tbs almond milk (start with less liquid & add more if needed)
Toppings: Cacao nibs + vegan chocolate chips

1. Place your bananas+spinach + mintleaf & peppermint extract +almondmilk + sweetener inside blender or food processor
2. Optional: but recommend Toss inside some cacao nibs to blend inside the icecream + Blend
3. When you have a soft serve consistency place inside freezer for 30minutes-1hour until you have a crisp icecream texture
4. Scoop out with icecream scoop + top with fresh mint leaf, cacao nibs + vegan chocolate chips
Note: You can consume while its a softserve I let mine freeze to achieve a hard icecream texture (delish either way)

Hugs & Happy Guilt Free Ice Cream Eating!
LaShana Nicole

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