*Are Dairy Products Really Good For You*

For generations we have been told that consuming dairy products such as milk, yogurt, cheese, ice cream etc was really good for the human body and we needed to consume them in order to get essential nutrients. I consumed dairy products for years. I use to love having a big bowl of cereal, yogurt, and of course cheese pizza. I thought it taste amazing and  I consumed these products almost daily, not realizing what I was truly feeding my body. After years of consuming dairy\animal products it started to catch up with me. My skin started having acne outbreaks all the time and was a hot mess, I was experiencing female hormonal imbalance issues which led to cyst on my ovaries, and I also had a TERRIBLE digestive system. After I decided to remove dairy from my diet “which took me a while because I was addicted to cheese) lol, my body changed drastically and became balanced again. My cyst went away, my digestive system works properly, and my skin begin to clear up. The truth about dairy is although we are told it provides essential nutrients many studies have shown the complete opposite.

* Is Dairy Really Good For You*

Dairy products are toxic and can be harmful to the human body. They contain acid forming pus, bacteria, and mucus.

1. Dairy Products are acidic

When ever you consume dairy-animal products when they break down inside your body they turn very acidic. Disease, parasites, worms, and bacteria grow inside of a acidic body. Consuming fresh fruits and veggies will help recreate a alkaline enviroment.

2. Dairy Products are loaded with growth hormones

In order to increase milk production dairy farmers often inject the cows with genetically modified growth hormones called rBGH. You are consuming more than just milk, you are also drinking these harmful hormones and chemicals. 

3. Dairy products contain mucus 

Mucus begins to occur inside your body when there is excess acidosis. This is caused by consuming an excessive amount of acid-forming foods (dairy products, meat, processed foods etc).When your body has an excessive amount of mucus this often leads to inflammation.

4. Inflammation

Dairy products are known to be one of the most inflammatory producing foods. Inflammation often causes major issues including digestion, acne, constipation, gas etc. Whenever you see a disease with the suffix “itis” at the end it is a sign that high amounts of inflammation is present inside the body. To help fight the disease you would want to remove that which is causing the disease which would be all dairy products. A few examples are below.

Arthritis:would be inflammation of the joints
Bronchitis: inflammation of the bronchi
Colitis: inflammation of the colon
Hepatitis: inflammation of the liver
Meningitis: inflammation of the brain
Prostatitis : inflammation of the prostate gland
Vaginitis: inflammation of the vagina

Dairy causes a inflammatory response often times because of the sugar and proteins. When people are lactose intolerant they are not able to produce the lactase enzyme which helps to breakdown the sugar found in milk called lactose. This is what causes the digestion problems when dairy products are consumed.

5. Milk contains pus

I know this sounds super gross but its super true. When you drink cows milk you are drinking cows pus. When cows are pumped up with growth hormones to produce more milk, they often develop a inflammation of the mammory gland and udder tissue called mastitis. This disease occurs as an immune response to bacterial invasion and it produces pus. When milk is suctioned out of an infected cow, bottled, and sold to you, unfortunately the cow pus is being consumed by humans as well.

6. What about Raw Milk

If you must drink milk it is better to drink raw milk direct from the animal instead of drinking pasteurized, homogenized, and fortified milk. The pasteurizing process while it kills the harmful bacteria, it also kills some of the helpful enzymes that occur naturally in raw milk such as lactase which would help with breaking down raw milk when consumed.

There are many great dairy substitutes that you can consume if you decide to stop consuming dairy products. Please remember that everyone body is different so you will want to make a decision thats best for you. Substitutes are list below:

Substitutes For Milk:
Almond Milk
Coconut Milk
Rice Milk
Hemp Milk

Substitutes for Cheese:
Go Veggie (contains no casein

Go Dairy Free (This option contains soy & is lactose, whey, & casein free)

Daiya: This is my favorite (Soy, gluten, lactose, whey & casein free)

Substitutes for IceCream:
So delicious (one of my fave brands contains no soy or dairy)

Rice Dream (also very tasty)

Substitutes for yogurt:
Almond Dream

So Delicious Yogurt

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    February 2, 2015

    So so informative! ! Thank you for this love ♡
    I am a vegan now, praise God!

  • reply
    February 9, 2015

    Thanks for the information. I have been drinking milk FOREVER. I mean I LOOOVE milk. I drink 1%, but I know I need to start back drinking an alternative. Its difficult, but I know its something that I must do.

  • reply
    February 23, 2015

    Thank you so much for this information. I am new to your site and am trying to read everything today. lol. I have been knowing that I need to give up dairy for years now but have not had the discipline to stop. Thanks for confirming for me the reasons that I need to stop eating dairy. The reaction my body has should have been reason enough. Love the site and am so excited about learning how to eat healthier.

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