*Apple Wardolf Salad*

Talk about putting a powerhouse of nutrients inside your body this salad will absolutely do it. Loaded with Vitamin A, B, C, D,& E fiber, potassium, calcium and the list goes on and on haha. Also this salad will provide excellent antioxidant support. Yummy+ Healthy=Perfect combo 🙂

Apple Wardolf Salad (Servings size 2-4)
3-4 organic chopped apples (fuji, pinklady, or gala works best for flavor)
1-2 chopped organic celery stalks ( if you really enjoy celery add two)
1/4 cup organic raisins
10-12 organic chopped grapes
handfull of activated pecans or walnuts ( to activate soak over night)
1/2 tsp of organic cinnamon
1/4 cup of sweet mayo dressing on top

Sweet Mayo ingredients: (Left over mayo will last 2-3 days in refrigerator)
1 cup of activated organic sunflower seeds ( to activate soak 4-6 hours or overnight)
1 tbs olive oil
3 tbs fresh lemon juice
1/2 cup water (add more if needed but start with less)
1 tsp of salt
Optional: but I recommend 2-3 tbs of raw agave nectar

1. Add all your fruits + raisins + pecans + 1 tsp of cinnamon inside a mixing bowl
2. Place all your mayo ingredients inside blender + blend until you have a nice creamy consistency
3. Add 1/4 Sweet Mayo with your fruits + pecans + mix all ingredients together
4. If you want to stack pack your salad ingredients inside of a small mold and flip unto dish
5. Top with additional cinnamon + add some fresh fruit to the side of plate. Enjoy 🙂
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As always,
Hugs & Happy Health
LaShana Nicole

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