*Wheatgrass Purify Juice*

Wheatgrass is a power house for promoting health in your body, renewing your cells, and truly cleansing those unwanted toxins out of your body . It contains over 90 minerals calcium, magnesium, and more, Vitamin A,C,E, and K. It provides a full spectrum of B Vitamins, is also a rich source of protein and is loaded with chlorophyll which helps to build your blood. It helps to fight off bacteria, purifies your liver, provides natural energy, and helps to remove heavy metals from the body. Drinking wheatgrass will help heal your skin, cleanse the colon, regulate blood sugar levels, and will truly cleanse your body from the inside out.

*Wheatgrass Purify Juice*
Ingredients: All organic (Serving Size 1)

1 Batch Fresh Wheatgrass ( I purchased my plant from sprouts)
4 Fresh Cucumbers
1 Batch Fresh Parsley
4 Fuji Apples
1 Thumb Size Piece of Ginger
1 Lemon

1. Rinse and clean all of your produce throughly
2. Chop all produce into small chunks (big enough to fit through juicer chute)
3. Juice all ingredients + pour into glass + consume right away!
4. If storing use an airtight container + refrigerate + drink within 2 days!

img_4211Thanks so much for checking out this juice recipe. I hope you all love it. Comment below and let me know your thoughts! Don’t forget to share the website with your friends and family♡

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Hugs & Happy Wheatgrass Purify Juice Drinking,
LaShana Nicole❤

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