* Tips to Healthy Clear Skin*

1. Drink a ton of water

Drinking water in general is super amazingggg for your body. It not only keeps you hydrated but it helps to flush toxins from your body and it also helps to keep your digestive system moving and working.

2. Eat green food and food with high water content (broccoli 90%,cucumbers 95%, zucchini95%, watermelon 91%, celery 95%, tomatoes 95%, Spinach 91%, Strawberries 91%, Grapefruit 90% etc). 

Eating foods with a high water content will help your body function properly. This will also provide your body with essential vitamins and minerals necessary to help fight off bacteria & toxins which often cause acne. Consume more plant based foods which will help to cleanse and detox your body and blood naturally. You can incorporate these foods by juicing, smoothies, salads, or lots of cool raw food dishes. Usually any outer manifestation on your skin is a sign that the inner system is dealing with some toxins that need to be pushed out. Eating a mainly plant based raw food diet will help do just that.

3. Rest

It is essential that you rest. We literally need sleep it is a big part of our overall health and well being. Just like we need food, sleep should be looked at in the same way. When you sleep your body is rejuvenating and repairing itself. Sleeping relieves stress which is awesome because stress is often times a major cause of those not so fun acne flare ups.

4. Wash your face twice daily and remove all makeup prior to sleep

Washing your face daily is extremely important even if you do not wear makeup throughout the day. Our skin is exposed to a number of toxins everyday. So keeping your face clean will help a ton with reducing bad breakouts. Be sure to wash your face really well when you wear makeup. Your skin needs to breath. Sleeping in makeup is a big no no because this can cause a blockage in your pores, and promote bacteria to grow on your face causing irritations to manifest. To be on the safe side wash your face at least twice a day to help prevent potential outbreaks.

5. Use natural organic products on your skin

I have always been told not to use anything on my skin that I would not eat. Hahaha I know that may sound weird but if you think about it any thing that you put on your skin is going into your body. There are many skin care products out that are filled with a ton of harsh chemicals which actually irritate your skin more than help your skin. Most non-organic products are filled with chemicals, dyes,& fragrances that further irritate the skin. I recommend using www.100percentpure.com, or www.dhealthstore.com (facial skin healing kit), www.suki.com etc all great natural products.

6. Use suncreen

Its important to protect your skin from harmful uv rays and help to fight free radicals. This will also help with premature aging and protect against wrinkles. 100percentpure.com has a great natural sunscreen that will help protect your skin without harsh chemicals.

7. Adapt a plant based diet

Plant based diet is going to help with clearing your skin a ton. Especially eating lots of greens (kale, collards, swiss chards, spinach, broccoli, water cress etc). These plants contain high amounts of chlorophyll which will help to flush your system and cleanse & detoxify your blood.

8. Dont pop or pick at your pimples

I know it is tempting to pop the zit that is on your nose however, picking or popping your pimples can cause great harm to your skin and further irritate the condition. Picking at your pimple can cause bacteria to spread and cause the outbreak to worsen. When you pop your pimples you can also cause severe scarring. The bacteria from your hands may also transfer to your face so it is best to keep your hands away from your face.

9. Clean your cellphone

As you can imagine a cellphone comes in contact with a ton of germs on a daily basis. Our hands are constantly toucing them, our cell phones are often times inside of a purse or pants pocket, we sit them on the surface of a restaurant table or other surfaces which all have bacteria on them. When you put your bacteria filled cellphone on your ear it often comes in contact with your face. The bacteria is then tranferred to your face which often times causes skin issues.

10. Clean your makeup brushes

Its important to keep your makeup tools clean and sanitary. This will help with reducing the risk of spreading germs from the makeup tools to your face.

11. Use lemon juice to fade spots

Lemon juice or lime juice works wonders for helping to clear spots or blemishes left over after your acne or pimple has gone away. Lemon juice helps to eliminate dead skin and promotes new healthy skin growth. Its a great way to naturally speed up the healing process of those mean scars left behind.

12. Honey

Use honey as a mask on your skin or place honey directly on a problem area. Honey works great to fight off bacteria on the skin. Honey contains antibacterial properties which will help to protect against future outbreaks.

13. No dairy or very little dairy

Dairy consumption causes the skin to produce excess oil which leads to clogged pores, and a breeding ground for bacteria to grow which will cause acne. Dairy also causes blockages inside your pores causing the dead skin cells to not have a way to exit properly, this also leads to more clogged pores which will cause the toxins to come out in the form of acne. There are some great dairy substitutes available almond milk, coconut milk, rice milk, hemp milk etc. I say give it a try and see if you get great results.

14. Use a weekly Clay/Mask

I love using facial clays to draw out the impurities from the skin. Clays help with pulling the toxins out of your skin, they also  detoxify and cleanse helping to clear the skin. Some great facial clays include Morrocan Red Clay, French Green Clay, and Bentonite Clay. You can find all the clays listed at www.dhealthstore.com.

15. Your skin is unique

Remember you must find what works best for your individual skintype. Every person on the planet has unique skin and certain products will work better than others. What works for someone else may not work for you.(ex.If you have super oily skin and your best friend has dry skin the skincare regiman that she uses will be different than what you would use) Literally take time to study your skin and see what works the best for you.


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Hugs & Happy Journey To Clear Skin,
LaShana Nicole ♡

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    March 30, 2014

    WoW….this was a very interesting blog. I for sure will apply some of this information to the way I care for my skin which is normally very dry. I’m excited to see how well these natural steps work PLUS I’ll save tons of money on all the chemical based products that I use.

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