*Raw Cashew Nut Butter*

 Making raw cashew maple nut butter was much easier than I thought it would be, and it turned out super yummy! WOOT! I get super excited every time I have success making something new, because I definitely have my moment’s of throwing not so successful dishes in the trash haha. I love eating nut butters on fruits and they also go great with toast. (Spelt, Rye, Kamut, Amaranth, are the better breads and much easier to digest than wheat. Try to stick with Gluten free when possible)

Cashews are super healthy for you and they have great health benefits including heart, bone,blood,and skin health. They also help with weight loss and gallstone prevention. Learn More Here

For the Recipe you will want to purchase Raw Cashews. I purchased mine from whole foods. But Nuts & Bulk is a great online company to purchase from. Buy Here

Soak cashews for 2 hours in water this helps with breaking down the digestive enzymes on the unsoaked nuts. It will help your digestive system have a easier time breaking the nuts down.Learn More Here

After they soak for two hour take out and let the cashews dry. This can be done by putting them in the oven on lowest setting for about a hour or let them dry overnight. Completely up to you. I allowed mine to dry over night!

Place 1/2 cup or a cup depending on how much you want to make in food processor or blender.(Food processor will work much better but the blender will work as well it just may take a little longer)

Add 5-7 tablespoons of your favorite sweetener. I used Maple Syrup I really wanted mine sweet so I used more sweetener.

Add 1 tablespoon of coconut oil

I added a tiny squeeze of fresh lemon juice (this is optional) and a pinch literally of vanilla extract. (You don’t want to add to much liquid because oils and liquids don’t mix well) So a tiny amount. This adds a little citrus kick to the butter.

Let the ingredient process for at least 25 minutes and you can continue until you get the desired texture you want.  It takes a while to turn into nut butter so be patient. Keep a spatula near to help the mixture from time to time.

 I even took mine out of processor and put the mix in the Vitamix blender on lowest setting to get a more smooth texture. The dry blade for the Vitamix would really work well for this but if you have the wet blade just keep it on low.

When the texture that you desire is achieved put in a airtight container. I had some right away on apples because it was really tasty.

Yayy for making your own Cashew Nut Butterand having complete control over what is going into your body. No more buying it from the store and paying 10-15$ per jar. PS. (You can make almond butter the same way with or without the lemon juice)

Happy Journey to great health,
LaShana Nicole,


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