**Pineapple Raspberry IceCream**

 This Pineapple Raspberry Ice cream was sooo very yummy. Raspberries are so good for you, they are loaded with vitamin C which will help with boosting your immune system and fight illness. They are also packed with fiber, potassium, and omega fats. Pineapples are not only tasty but are packed with good vitamins and minerals. Pineapples help with improving digestion, strengthening your bones, boosting your immune system, fighting free radicals, and they help to improve gum health.

*What You Need to make Raspberry Pineapple Ice cream*
Makes 1 serving
Handfull of frozen pineapples (15-20 frozen chunks)
8-10 frozen raspberries
half a fresh lemon juice squeeze
2 tablespoons of nut milk
Optional:1tablespoon of 100% maple syrup


1.Place your frozen fruits inside food processor

2. Squeeze in fresh lemon juice, nut milk, and sweetener

3. Process for 2-3 minutes or until you have the ice cream consistency that you desire.

4. Use a ice cream scoop of spoon to place inside a glass. Top with raspberries and cacao nibs Buy Here.

Enjoy this Delicious Treat! Yum 🙂

LaShana Nicole

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