*Parsley Flush Juice*

Parsley is loaded with vitamin A, B12, C & K. It helps to boost your immune system helping to fight off viruses, contains antioxidants & anti-imflammatory properties. Parsley will help with reducing swelling of the joints. It also helps to effectively fight bad breath and it contains chlorophyll which helps to detox and cleanse your blood.

*Parsley Flush Juice*
(All organic ingredients)

1 Batch of Parsley
4 Fuji or Gala Apples
3 Pears


1. Rinse and clean all of your produce

2. Juice 2 Apples + add all parsley + juice to apples + juice 3 pear

3. Drink right away for optimum health benefits


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Hugs & Happy Parsley Flush Juice Drinking
LaShana Nicole❤


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