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 So I know a lot of people say there is no difference between buying foods organic. I have to say I MUST strongly disagree. Go look a piece of organic chicken vs. non organic chicken that has been pumped with growth hormones. The non organic chicken will be twice the size and almost unrecognizable lol. This even occurs with fruit juice go look at organic fresh squeezed orange juice vs. non organic pasteurized orange juice the difference will shock you. It’s crazy to think the food going into your body has been tampered with. I have excluded meat from my diet but for those of you who still consume meat I suggest buying from wholefoods or a natural organic market where they don’t use any fillers and growth hormones Read More Here.  Ewww I dont know about you but I am not interested in putting anything in my body that has been pumped with unnatural hormones,didn’t grow properly, and has been sprayed with tons of chemicals/pesticides. Yes that’s what you more than likely are getting when you eat non organic food that’s loaded with toxic substances that are harmful for you and the environment. I know organic foods cost a little more. Spending a few cent more or even maybe a dollar more is going to be way cheaper than potentially getting sick and having to be hospitalized. Hospital bills are bizarre, and you could possibly be out of work while sick, then have to pay that bill off when you return. So yes I pay a little more to be safe. Rule of thumb when purchasing non organic vs. organic is if you are going to eat the entire fruit definitely buy organic so blueberries, apples, grapes, strawberries, peaches,carrots,celery,tomatoes etc. If you decide to purchase some items non organic then I would stick to items you can peel such as lemons, avocados,grapefruits, oranges, banana’s,mangos etc.

BEWARE: Just because something reads “all natural” that could mean “all fake” with one ingredient that’s natural, and you just loaded your body with a ton of junk. READ your labels, I will repeat this because it’s so important. Dont be afraid to ask questions, ask your local supermarket where the produce, meat source & food come from and then research. You can find a ton of information online about the sources who provide the food you eat.

This is not to scare you, but to inform you and bring awareness to what’s being sprayed and pumped into our food without us knowing. I have chosen to eat organic when I believe it is necessary but you have to figure out if that is a choice you want to make for your life. Do I encourage organic ABSOLUTELY, but do what is best for you. ABC news even did a report on it Listen & Read Here

What the heck is GMO- “Genetically Modified Food” YES you read that right. Some foods are being tampered with. Sad but true. Read Here. You may ask why would they inject our foods with toxic chemicals,unnatural substances & growth hormones that can make us sick?? That is your answer, when you are “sick” and have to go to the doctor or worst the hospital they make money, its all for profit. Click Here
Purchase foods labeled “Non GMO or GMO free” here is a list of a few ways to avoid buying GMO foods that harm you and your families health. Read Here

Foods that you consume should not be able to stay on a shelf for 10 years and still be edible, that makes no sense. Food should mold if left out for a few days. Your food should be living and full of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Your food should not be dead, lacking vital nutrients, and able to stay on a shelf for years and still be consumed. Think about it lol. Do your research on the foods you are consuming, it will help change your life.

Safer to consume
No harmful pesticides
No harmful Fillers
No growth hormores
Good for environment
Fresher and better taste

Non Organic:
Could be toxic for your health
Tons of pesticides
Loaded with fillers
Growth hormones
Terrible for the environment

PS. watch this video regarding pasteurization Click Here Dhealthstore

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Happy Health y’all.
Shana Nicole 🙂

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    June 24, 2013

    This Is by far the best info on this site breaking explaining it in layman’s terms. p.s do a part 2 and show pics of them growing gmo chickens with no feet lol.


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    June 25, 2013

    LOLOLOL @ DJVF thanks so much for supporting the site! It is soooo crazy to compare the differance & so insane that our food is being tampered with. I will def consider a part 2 with pictures haha 🙂 thanks for following!

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