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We have all been guilty of worrying. Trying to figure every little thing out and completely stressing because we don’t have all the answers. I am totally guilty of this but I have learned that worrying is seriously SO pointless. It is a complete waste of time and does nothing but cause you to put unneccessary pressure on yourself. The word of God has been so helpful to me in regards to dealing with worry. I encourage all of you to study and meditate on the the following scriptures.
(Matthew 6:25-34) (Philippians 4:6) (Matthew 11:28-30) (Luke 12:22-31) (Isaiah 40:31) (Psalm 55:22)

What causes worry:
Worrying is usually caused by being concerned about a problem or situation that you can’t figure out. It is often triggered when a person can’t predict what is going to happen in the future which creates a fear because of the uncertainty of what’s to come. Worrying also occurs because we have a natural nature of wanting to know everything. Worrying causes an uneasy, unsettled feeling, and can often leads to headaches, stress, depression, anxiety, misery, and other health issues.

How To Let Go Of Worry:

1. Focus on the now

Its important to live in the present moment. We are often so busy trying to plan our future that we miss the beauty of today. All we have is the gift of life that God blesses us with each day. Make up in your mind that you will release the thoughts & worries of tomorrow and you will enjoy your time and gift of today. Make a daily to do list and cross off as you go. This way you will focus your attention on the present which will help you with the drifting thoughts of the future.

2. Let go of your past 

Lets face it no one can go back and change their past. The things you did in the past has molded you into the person you are today. Even the mistakes made were there to teach you a lesson. You must learn from your past, let it go, and use what you learned to build a better future. Your past cannot hold you back unless you let it. Make up in your mind right now that you are releasing yourself from the bondage of your past. You are starting a new life in your present, taking control of your life, and you will use your stumbling blocks to create a bright future. Let it go.

3. Work out

Working out is not only good for the body but it is also good for your mind. If you start to feel anxious or worried shift your focus and go work out. You can even workout at home if you dont have a gym membership. This will help to instantly change your thoughts from worry to working out and building your body. Play your favorite tunes, sing, workout and watch those stress thoughts will drift away.

4. Control your atmosphere

Monitor who you hang around and what you are constantly watching, reading, and listening to. If you are constantly around people who are natural worry bugs and who are always asking you” how are you going to do this or that” ” that seems impossible” ” why did you do this or that” and so on distance yourself from anyone who is speaking discontentment, and stress into your life. You need people around you who will pray over you and tell you that “Everything is going to work out”, “Keep going your victory is on the way” ,” You’re doing amazing”, “God has great plans for your life” and ” Don’t give up” etc. The last thing you need is someone speaking negativity into your ears and life when you are dealing with worry. You also have to monitor what you’re watching and constantly listening to.  Fill your mind with inspirational speakers, and positive books that will help to renew your thinking and provide hope inside of your heart. Some of my favorite inspirational ministers/speakers include Joyce Meyer,Francis Chan, Jim Rohn, Les Brown, Juanita Bynum, David Wilkerson, Earl Nightingale, Billy Graham,& Tamara Bennett etc.

5. Face your fears

Its very true that when you start to do that which you fear, your fear will go away. Its important to ask yourself why you fear a specific situation. I have done many things even when I felt fear, I decided to trust God and my fears eventually went away. Dont allow your fears to chase you away from fulfilling your purpose. 

6. Pray, Fast & Relax

It is very important to clear the clutter from your life and mind. Its great to take mental breaks from it all and just get before the Lord, study the word, and sit in silence for a while to allow God to speak and guide you. This will increase your focus, and help you to have a greater sense of what you should be doing. Take time to cut the tv, radio, and social media off,sit in silence, and pray. Take a day to just go sit in the park and read a book, go get a massage, or take yourself to dinner and just relax. This helps a ton with getting rid of worry.

7. Focus on the positive

Its so easy to focus on lack and on everything you wish you could change or have. Its easy to focus on how you wish life could be different. Instead shift your focus and change your perspective to see all of your blessings. You are blessed and someone somewhere would swap lives with you in a heart beat. Every day write out 5-10 things that you are thankful for. YOU have a choice, choose to stay grateful.

8. Accept the unknown

We must all accept the fact that no one has total control over what will happen each day or what will happen in the future. Learn to let go of having to figure every little thing out. I had to do this over and over and I still catch myself at times trying to map out a plan lol. Its human nature to try to plan point a-z but we cannot control every detail. Life became so much easier for me as I learned to give my life, cares, plans, and goals to God. I now understand that God is in total control and will lead me down the right path, and he will also do the same for you.
handstand_1Thanks for checking out the website. I pray this blog encourages you to let go of all the worry. I am praying for God to provide wisdom, peace, and comfort to all of you. Share this blog with anyone you know who is struggling with worry. 

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Hugs & Im praying for all of you♥
LaShana Nicole♡


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