*Djehuty Ma’at-ra Full Body Detox Review*

Many people may ask what’s the point of doing a full body cleanse/detox? Its vital that we take care of our bodies from inside out. Many times we eat and do what ever we want not thinking about the long term consequences. When you detox the body it will help with the removal of impurities from the blood Read Here. I suggest doing a cleanse/detox AT LEAST a few times a year, I say the more the merrier haha. I will definitely do this cleanse again in a few months. As humans living on earth today we are exposed to a ton of harmful chemicals, toxins, bacteria, growth hormones (GMO), airborne pathogens, acid base foods, stress and so much more. Doing a full body cleanse helps to rid your body of the toxic (JUNK) that is backed up in your system from over the years. Our bodies are screaming for help and this shows with the various illnesses, skin conditions, obesity, and disease.

So what exactly does this detox do? How does it help your body?? Why is it so important?

Detoxifying your body helps to rid the body of poisons. This detox will help to drive out mucus, old build up fecal matter (it works), and tons of toxic waste. Its so important to cleanse your intestines and entire body of old nasty waste and create a healthy thriving alkaline environment inside your body. When your body is in a healthy state it is easier for the body to fight off illness.

Djehuty Ma’at-ra Full body detox is a 20 day 3 week cleansing regimen that will focus on purifying all your major organs.  The formula’s are super potent, all the ingredients are listed on the product information sheet, directions of how and when to use, dietary suggestions, plus it is all natural, and you can take the capsules or liquid. This was a plus for me because taking liquid formula’s are hard for me especially if they are gross lol, I was happy that I had the option to choose between liquid or the capsule formula. You can order the detox now at Purchase Here I will discuss each formula briefly.

**Formula #1 Blood and Lymphatic Formula:
Helps to cleanse, detoxify, and rebuild your blood. Yes you need this, your blood is your life. Most outer skin conditions is a way of the body telling you your blood needs help and is toxic.

**Formula #2 Cardiovascular formula:
This formula helps to enhance the circulation in the body and nourish and tone the heart.

**Formula #3 Liver and Gall Bladder Formula
Rebuilds and detoxifies the liver/gallbladder helping to strengthen and nourish it.

**Formula#4 Lungs Cleanser
This formula helps to nourish, strengthen, and rebuild the lung and respiratory tract.

**Formula #5 Kidneys Bladder Adrenal Cleanser
This formula helps to cleanse, tone, nourish and rebuild the bladder, gallbladder, urinary tract, kidneys etc. Super potent and highly effective.

**Formula #6 Colon Formula (Heads up it works and will flush your system)
Helps to get a non active colon moving again and helps push the toxic waste from your body this formula also helps drive out worms and parasites. (Eww yes the body has worms in it especially if you consume meat that’s why its so important to cleanse from inside out ekkk)

Formula#7 Activated Charcoal
This formula is amazing when it comes to helping to create a alkaline internal environment. It literally removes toxic residues,heavy metals, and neutralizes the systems.

(note its black & will turn your water black. It looks like something you don’t want to drink hahah) I promise its tasteless. It took me staring at my black water for 5 minutes before I took a sip. I was scared of the look lol. To my surprise I couldn’t taste it at all. Toward the end it may feel a little gritty just add more water if that happens. I used a paper cup because the charcoal semi stains.

After the detox I felt amazing and had energy out of this world. I am already a super happy bubbly person but the day after everyone kept saying you have so much energy today haha. I feel amazing and I also lost 2 pounds. I could have lost way more however I am already naturally tiny so I didn’t cleanse to lose weight, I only wanted to get my body in a optimum state of health. I had to eat like 5 times a day because I have very high metabolism and can lose weight quick. When you are eating foods that your body can actually recognize your digestive system will process them quicker. The first few days you may feel like you are hungry every couple hours this is normal. Pre-plan your meals and make meal plan, this will be a great benefit and help keep you on track. During the cleanse it is recommended that you do a RAW FOOD diet. Here’s our Raw Food Detox Meal Plan that will provide you with simple, delicious, raw meals to consume while detoxing. Download your copy here>The Raw Food Detox Ebook. This will help get you the best results while on the cleanse because raw foods are pure, cleansing, alkalizing, and more nourishing to the body. Absolutely stay away from processed junk food, fast food, fried foods, meats etc while on the detox. I also created 21 juice recipes that you can drink while on your cleanse as well. They are tasty and full of nutrition. You can download your copy here> The 21 Day Juice Habit . I will be honest it was challenging to do a complete raw food diet when I first did the cleanse. It takes discipline but it felt so good after. I am use to doing the vegan diet so to go for 3 weeks no cooked foods was amazing and encouraged me to include more and more raw foods and less cooked foods in my diet. My God-Sister is currently taking the full body detox and lost 5 pounds in 5 days. That’s amazing and she wants to lose weight, so what better way to lose weight than to do an all natural cleanse.
Happy Full Body Cleansing!

LaShana Nicole

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    February 9, 2015

    I recently purchased the cleanse and I am on day 3. So far so good. It is really difficult for me to maintain the raw food diet already! I eat mostly junk and fried foods. This is a big step for me, but I really want to start putting my health first in 2015. I think this is a great way to begin!

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