**Avocado Lime Banana Pudding**

Who ever thought you could make healthy foods taste similar to some of your favorite treats. Avocados are a good source of healthy omega fats which your body can actually use and it won’t store on your stomach, thighs, behind, or where ever else you don’t want fat. Avocados are often used as a substitute for meat on sandwiches, salads, raw foods etc. Avocado’s help with fighting cancer, oral health, skin health, and eye health among several other healthy benefits Read More Here.
Making Avocado Lime Banana Pudding is super simple and you only need a few ingredients. I am all about not being in the kitchen for 3 hours making one meal LOL. I try to find great filling foods that won’t take me all day to make. So lets get you started.

What You Need: (Per one serving)

1. 1 avocado (Add more the more you want to make, rule of thumb I say 1 avocado per person or per serving)

2. 1-2 fresh squeezed organic limes or lemons (this depends on how much citrus you want to taste)

3. 1 whole banana (Feel free to add organic blueberries or your favorite fruit)

4. 3-4 tablespoons of 100% maple syrup or 100% raw agave nectar (add to your taste the more sweet you want the more you add)

5. Food processor or blender (blender wont work as well but use what you have for now)
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*Add all items to food processor, cut only half the banana(or fruit of choice) and add into the mixture. Let food processor run until you have the desired texture. I let mine run about 45 seconds then pure into a fabulous glass LOL.

*After you have the desired texture take the other half of the banana,slice up, and add to the top. ( I also topped mine with chia seeds and almonds Delish, you can add blue berries or your fav fruit to top get creative and have fun with making your food)

You can make this yummy treat for children, your best friend, and family they will love it.

Hope you guys are having as much fun as me making fun treats that’s super good for the body! Heal your body from the inside out.You are truly what you eat. Be sure you are helping and not hurting your body 🙂

Happy Healing, Happy Health

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