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*Apple Orange Juice*

Start you day with a fresh juice and load your body with a ton of natural vitamins and minerals. You can make your own juice without any pasteurization, harmful chemicals, or a ton of sugars. Juicing allows you to feed your body a ton of nutrients all at one time. I love it 🙂

Apple Orange Juice Ingredients:
(all organic)

3 oranges (I removed the peels prior to juicing)
2-3 fuji apples
Optional Topping: 1 chopped strawberry


1. Place 1 apple inside juicer first + add your 3 oranges + add final apple(s) + drink immedietely

Note:Its best to consume fresh juice right away ( if you need to store then make sure you store inside of a airtight container)

Thanks so much for checking out BeAHealthNutToo®. Im so excited about everything that is happening on this healthy journey. If you need any smoothie recipes, juice recipes, tote bags, or smoothie cups check out the store page for lots of goodies :-)

We now have a youtube page woohooo. Think live raw food demos + health & life discussions + beauty demos as well:-) You can check it out here.

 Hugs & Happy Juicing 😉
LaShana Nicole

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